Genie’s Gems- My first slot machine

The first thing you need to do is find a site that appeals to you the most to make your time to pass in a funny way, so that you can go for the pokies game. These sites will provide you a better platform to make good and beneficial choices. And also to have a good practice, so I started to play many games to make me happy.

Few days ago I was surfing on the net about some interesting games which I can play. I found many gaming sites. Then I found one “Genie Gems”. Basically it is a Microgaming online slot and I started to play it. I was really amazing and awesome. When I tried its trail version I found it quite good but with limited features so I planned to taste the paid version. After that I installed this on my tablet and played a lot. When I was playing I found some suggestions related to that so, I came to know that on the net there was some cheat quotes related to this. I was very happy and played online too and won some cash.

I remember those days when I used to go rock concert with my collage friends. That was amazing experience and the best part about that I saw my favorite singer and band and we enjoyed cocktail and burger. Then one of my friend suddenly asked me about that have I ever played genie gems ? then I said yes I have tried it. It was very entertaining online amusement. After that rock concert I and my friend went to the casino and we played almost whole night. It was really a good time which we spent together. I hope this will help you to find out some interesting and useful enjoyment.

Fun of Free Spirit world

It has been a long time posting my thoughts about the world of pokies. I was in Florida with my family. My uncle is very fond of gambling. His advice helps me a lot to go through this. I was very happy because with his help I can make some prizes. He usually tells me to play Free Spirit which is very handy for him and nowadays mine too.

Few years back when he came to visit me, we use to pass our much of time going through this only. Our performance was award winning. That was the time when my addiction to this increased. Whenever I get some extra time I go for this. On his advice only I went for the full version of this. I didn’t have used the trial version before. After downloading the full app of this, I got some credits and luckily they provided me some bonuses too.

The theme of this is well designed to attract you and give the feel that you are riding on horse. The most impressive about this one is its effects and sound. Combination of both gives you the real fun as if you are in casino.

I am very crazy for this one. I usually go for phone call if at any time I got stuck in any round. I do not even hesitate to ask him and even do not see the time whether it is morning or mid-night. I usually hit the slots three in a row which gives a massive jackpot. That is upon the user either he uses his both coins at single attempts or go for individually. Stepping up my uncle I go for both.

Winning in this is not a big deal. Sometimes it is also the test of your skill and the fortune. It also does a lot. You should try this if you want to have fun.

Froot Loot- A lovable piece

I am writing this post as a result of my long rigorous practice and quest for the pokies. Actually for a newbie this is a unique and a complicated thing to be understood. But there is always a scope for the learning and we came to know every new thing after some effort and pain. But the pain of gaining something new and exciting that going to change your life is quite worthful. I am saying such hard and heavy words as I undergone the same and realized that practice and dedication is a big thing no matter you are from which domain.

The other important factor is to do the things that are of big interest for you, like I used to follow some activities of my taste, including the art, portrait and the photography. This is because this area assures the 100% input form my side and so the productive result is of sure going to be put soon. I also use to prefer some informative games to take the knowledge at par and to test on your own where I stand. Like if I take the example of the Froot Loot slots and fantastic 7s, it drilled me from inside, and I played with utmost dedication to take out the best for me. It is an interesting 3 reel online slot. I, like the others influenced with the graphics and choosed it from a long list to have a trial. With the wonderful sound effects, the fruit shape symbols also is an attracting factor. The jackpot symbol is used for this game. I also felt great by seeing that there are both options available for playing –the free as well as the real lay. So it is purely upto you which way go wants to go ahead.

Fantastic world of Galactic Gopher

Did I have told about the incident which happened with me when I was in Sydney with our friends for picnic? The spot was decided with all the amenities we needed for fun. We had our plan to give our camp a view of casino, but the mode of play was our online pokies. The problem was making a decision. We were facing that so I decided to go alone, as I use to play it earlier too. I was in search of some different so I tried Galactic Gopher. It was very typical. This type of game was not tried before me. I was quite excited because it was the combination of high playing card which I use to play since my college life. I thought that was same as I operated earlier.

The credits and bonuses of this were much higher than any other which I have ever tried. I proceeded with positive response. I didn’t even think of winning or losing. I was here just to make my trip much exciting. After a while we all gathered to enter in the world of pokies all together with common game. I was happy that one of my friends was also trying this one. We went for this one and won many credits.

We also went for any cheat code available but we didn’t find any such. We only found the guidance. There were many rounds which promised us to make our decision. Some of the conclusion was taken on our fortune, whether we are going to gain or not. That was the fortune of the group that we gained maximum times. The enjoyment was being doubled, when in between we tried some hard drinks. Combination of both was really pleasant. It gave us the feeling as if we were in real casino. We had a lot of fun and the feeling was fantabulous.

Fantastic 7s Pokies – One of the best Aussie Slots

I am a big lover of games since the time I started enjoying the things, Or more precisely from the very first day of my life. And i think every individual use to do the same in his life. Because it is the basic thing which all of us follow, even if it changes with the age. When it comes to me, I played the games from the preschool level, at home and at the school, and still playing. But the difference is that that was the time of innocence and enjoyment when i need to play with friends. But now I prefer to play in the gambling world. The spark is the same, but now there is a risk and thrill as well for the bonus point and the money.

I remembered the time when I suddenly moved on to a link of pokies game as someone told me that it is the easiest pathway you can start upon in the betting world. There I found Fantastic 7s and I searched in my windows cell phone about more details and the online gaming portal to start upon. Also some online you tube videos also offered a great help. For some moral support and as a team feel, I called some of my neighbour to join in and shared this concept with them. They also gave me a green signal to move on try some new and thrilling. It is like a wonderful feel when I started and won on the very first trial. It builds up my confidence so loud and I started loving it. There I realized one basic teaching that my one professor used to teach us that there is no shortcut in life. So apart from winning I never put this for the addiction. And I suggest my readers also the same to enjoy this game in a positive way.